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Ten Tips for Concealed Carry

You just got your concealed weapon’s permit. So, now what? We’ll give you the low-down on the top things you need to know before you start packing heat.

  1. Multiple Holsters - Before purchasing several different guns, try out different types of holsters. It is important that you are comfortable when concealed carrying because it will keep you safer. Many people are dissatisfied with their holsters and end up leaving their weapons at home. Don’t be that person. Find a holster you enjoy wearing and then opt to purchase new firearms.

  2. Wear Your Holster - Wear your holster and firearm around the house before going out in public. When you get a new holster, always break it in at home, so you’re comfortable before wearing it in public.

  3. Don’t Touch It - If you’re constantly adjusting your holster in public, it will be easy for people to know you’re concealed carrying. Never check your holster in public. Go to a private area if your holster needs readjustment.

  4. After-Market Add-Ons - You may want to reconsider after-market add-ons for your concealed gun. Some slide release levers and triggers can be tricky to operate when using your gun in an emergency.

  5. Pretend You Don’t Have a Gun - Don’t make the mistake many first-time concealed carry owners make – acting nervous in public because they have a gun. Don’t play with your firearm and make sure it’s concealed. The entire point of concealed carry is for no one to know you’re carrying.

  6. Practice and Train - It is vital that if you want to take the responsibility of concealed carry that you regularly practice and train with your weapon. You need to be so familiar with your gun that it’s like a second skin. You may also draw your weapon differently if you’re wearing a t-shirt or a coat so practice for all types of situations.

  7. Safe Firearm Handling - Always practice safe firearm handling. This includes practicing the following:

    • Always act as though every gun is loaded.
    • Never point a gun at anything you aren’t prepared to shoot.
    • Know your target and what is behind it.
    • Never put your finger on the trigger unless you are shooting.
  8. Don’t Advertise - Never let people know where you conceal carry. You can tell your family and friends that you conceal carry, but be careful who you tell beyond that. This includes posting details on Facebook.

  9. Be Confident - When you’re carrying a loaded gun, you need to remain confident, not afraid. It’s up to you to decide if you want to carry a round in the chamber.

  10. Stay Safe and Have Fun - Carrying a firearm is a serious matter. Don’t feel stressed out or intimidated. Make sure you’re comfortable carrying the weapon.

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First Look: The New Guns of 2017

Will 2017 be the year of the gun? We give you a glimpse into what this New Year has to offer gun collectors, enthusiasts and hunters.

  • American Tactical - American Tactical’s debuts their new AR-pattern semi-automatic Omni MAXX .410 shotgun. Using a gas-operated short-stroke, this firearm has a balance piston system that can fire a variety of 2.5” .410 shotgun shells. This includes buckshot, birdshot and mixed payload options. A Remington-style removable choke works with the 18.5” smooth-bore barrel. This weapon also features Omni Hybrid aluminum reinforced polymer AR-15 receivers. The weapon’s lower receiver assembly is compatible with AR uppers chambered in other types of calibers, such as .300 BLK and 5.56 NATO.

  • Avidity Arms - A division of Eagle Imports, Avidity Arms new 9mm pistol is the PD10. It’s perfect for concealed-carry, as its slim, polymer-framed single-stack offers a smooth trigger pull, a practical sight system, comfortable grip and a short accessory rail. It will accept Colt-style 1911 10-round magazines and will also fire +P ammunition.

  • Century Arms - Releasing two new pistols – the TP9 SF Elite and Elite-S polymer frame – these 9mm semi-automatics pack a punch. The Elite model features a trigger safety level and the Elite-S has a manual safety that blocks the trigger from cycling. Both models feature the classy Tungsten Grey Cerakote, which is applied over phosphate. They also feature Warren Tactical fiber optic sights. Advanced features include a match-made barrel, improved single-action trigger, reversible magazine catch, strike status indicator and loaded chamber indicator.

  • Crimson Trace - While this isn’t a gun, we wanted to include it on our list. Crimson Trace developed a new wireless LinQ laser sight and light system for the AK-47. They are also set to add a new green laser option to their Master Series 1911 grip line up.

  • Inland Manufacturing - Known for creating fully functional replicas of popular World War II era firearms, Inland Manufacturing will release a new pre-70s series of 1911 pistols. Features include fixed combat sights, vertical slide serrations and a lanyard loop. They are also set to offer a new Liberator 45, which features a double-barrel pistol, 3” barrel, non-reflective matte finish and a removable trigger guard.

  • Legacy Sports International - Fans of long-range shooting sports will love the new series of HCR Howa Chassis Rifles. Crafted from 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum, customers can choose between 20”, 22” and 24” Standard or Heavy contour barrels. Additional features include a 6-position buffer tube, Ergo MSR grip, Howa HACT 2-stage trigger, 10-round ACCURATE-MAG AI-style magazine and Luth-AR MBA-3 shoulder stock.

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Safety Tips for Waterfowl Hunters

When you hunt, you’re at one with nature. It’s just you, the sounds of wildlife, the smell of the earth and the weight of your gun. You need to practice safety to make sure you return home to your family. Being prepared for the unexpected could save your life.

Practice these tips when hunting:

  • Carry a waterproof fire-starting kit. If something happens, such as you break your ankle and can’t get cell phone service, starting a fire could prevent hypothermia from kicking in.

  • If you hunt waterfowl using a boat, make sure your trailer, motor and boat are serviced before the season starts. You need to make sure everything is in good working order to help prevent you from becoming stranded in a lake.

  • You wear heavy hunting gear, which is why when you’re in a boat, make sure you wear a certified personal flotation device. You don’t want your waders to fill with water and sink you like a lead weight.

  • Use the buddy system and always tell someone where and when you are going hunting. Tell your buddy what time you will return, so they know to call for help if you don’t show up.

  • Always keep your boat and truck stocked with safety gear, such as rope, a flare gun, survival rations, hand ax, space blanket and whistle.

  • Never run an overloaded boat. Always make sure your boat can handle rough water, especially since you’re hunting in inclement weather.

  • Always treat every gun as if it is loaded.

  • Before going hunting, always check the muzzle for obstructions as well as confirming your gun’s action is in proper working order.

  • Use a waterproof plastic bag and put your cell phone it in while hunting. If an emergency arises and you get wet, you can still call for help.

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The Right Caliber for the Right Hunt

When it comes to hunting, selecting the right caliber for your gun means everything.

A caliber is the measure of a bullet’s diameter. That means the higher the caliber, the bigger the bullet. Large game requires larger bullets than small game.

You can use this chart to help you determine what caliber you need for your hunt.

  • Varmints - This includes coyotes, prairie dogs, crows, foxes, bobcats, raccoons, squirrels, rabbits, groundhogs and feral hogs. When hunting varmints use short to medium-range ammunition, such as .17 HMR, .22 Hornet, .22 LR, .22 WMR or .223 REM.

  • Small Game - This can include coyotes, pheasants, rabbits, hares, grouse, waterfowl, crow, quail, squirrels and woodcocks. When hunting small game use .22 LR or .22 WMR.

  • Black Bears - You can use a variety of ammunition to hunt black bears, including .30-30 WIN, .300 SAVAGE, .444 MARLIN and .45-70 GOVT. If you need medium to long-range when hunting black bears, use .25-06 REM, .270 WIN, .308 WIN, .30-06 SPRINGFIELD or 7MM REM MAG.

  • Deer - If you’re shooting deer short-range, use .243 WIN, .30-30 WIN or .300 SAVAGE. If you’re shooting deer medium to long-range use .25-06 REM, .270 WIN, .308 WIN, .30-06 SPRINGFIELD or 7MM REM MAG.

  • Elk - If you’re hunting elk, use .270 WIN, .308 WIN, .30-06 SPRINGFIELD, 7MM REM MAG or .300 WIN MAG.

  • Sheep and Goats - Sheep and goats require the following types of ammunition: .25-06 REM, .270 WIN, .308 WIN, .30-06 SPRINGFIELD, 7MM REM MAG or .300 WIN MAG.

  • Caribou - You will likely be shooting a caribou medium to long-range, which requires .25-06 REM, .270 WIN, .308 WIN, .30-06 SPRINGFIELD or 7MM REM MAG.

  • Grizzly Bears - These powerful beasts need a caliber that packs a mighty punch to take them down, such as .300 WIN MAG, .300 WBY, .338 WIN MAG or .375 H&H.

  • Brown Bears - When hunting, brown bears require a larger caliber than black bears. Consider using .300 WIN MAG, .300 WBY, .338 WIN MAG or .375 H&H.

  • Moose - The average moose weighs 1,800 pounds, which is why you should use .300 WIN MAG, .300 WBY, .338 WIN MAG or .375 H&H.

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Ammunition Revealed: Breaking Down the Basics of Ammo Talk

Ammunition is a blanket term used to encompass all types of gun bullets. There are many subcategories under ammunition, such as Full Metal Jacket, Open Tip, Hollow Point, Soft Point and Ballistic Tip, to name a few. But what do these terms mean?

Full Metal Jacket Ammunition

We all remember the movie “Full Metal Jacket,” but this phrase also describes bullets or projectiles. These types of bullets have a copper jacket covering over the top of the bullet. In contrast, military Full Metal Jacket ammunition is completely covered, whereas civilian Full Metal Jacket ammunition is only partially covered.

When making this ammunition, the bottom of the original cup of copper is developed into the tip of the bullet. This gives it the continuous copper jacket that extends over the top.

This type of ammunition is inexpensive to produce, which makes it a top choice for firing ranges. This bullet also features an aerodynamic design, which makes it an excellent choice for accurate long range shooting. The streamline design makes it easy to penetrate targets, but the bullet typically keeps on going. This makes Full Metal Jacket ammunition better for shooting targets than for hunting or home defense. An example of Full Metal Jacket 9mm ammo includes the Magtech Sport Ammunition 9mm Luger 115 Grain Full Metal Jacket.

Open Tip Ammunition

Open Tip ammunition is produced differently from Full Metal Jacket ammunition. When making Open Tip bullets, the bottom of the cup of copper becomes the bottom of the bullet. This helps to cover more of the bullet’s lead core; it leaves a slight opening at the tip of the bullet. This type of ammunition is commonly mistaken for Hollow Point, but it is far too small to accomplish the tasks assigned to Hollow Points.

This type of bullet is also superb for shooting long distance and tends to be more consistent than Full Metal Jacket ammunition. This type of ammunition has a higher standard of production than conventional ammunition.

Hollow Point Ammunition

Hollow Point ammunition is excellent for hunting or self-defense. These bullets are made using the same process as Open Tip ammunition, but the tip is more exaggerated than Open Tip. This makes the bullet expand when it hits a target, which creates a large wound. It is best for short range as it has too much drag to be successful for long-range targets. Police personnel often carry this type of ammunition.

Soft Point Ammunition

The most significant difference between Open Tip and Soft Point bullets is that with the Soft Point, a portion of the lead core protrudes from the front of the bullet. Soft Point ammunition is more aerodynamic than Open Tip ammunition. Soft Points also flatten when they hit the target. These are an excellent alternative to Hollow Point ammunition, which is illegal in some areas. This type of ammunition is also great for hunting. An example of Soft Point ammunition includes the 6.5x52 Carcano.

Ballistic Tip Ammunition

Ballistic Tip ammunition combines the force of a Hollow Point with the long-range accuracy of a Full Metal Jacket. This bullet features a small piece of plastic over the tip, which also includes an exaggerated opening. These two features allow the bullet to expand immediately upon impact. These are also a favorite among hunters. An example of Ballistic Tip ammunition is .204 Ruger bulk ammo.


Keeping Children Safe: Top Firearm Safety Tips

Gun owners are responsible for the safe handling of firearms. Most firearm accidents are easy to prevent, and gun owners can take several precautions to help prevent accidents, injuries and deaths.

Highlighted below are the top 10 safety tips for gun owners.

  1. Never point a firearm at someone or in an unsafe direction. The muzzle should always point down. If a gun accidentally fires and is pointed down, this helps to prevent an accidental death.

  2. Firearms should always be unloaded unless they are ready to shoot. Never assume a gun is unloaded. Always treat every weapon as though it is loaded. To confirm if a gun is loaded, point the gun in a safe direction before checking.

  3. Never place your finger on the trigger unless you are ready to fire the weapon. When handling any gun – whether it is loaded or unloaded – rest your finger near the trigger or along the gun. Never touch the trigger unless you are firing the weapon.

  4. Always store firearms away from children in a locked gun vault, safe, cabinet or storage case. Make sure these are in a location that children do not have access to.

  5. Know how your firearm operates. Keep the firearm manual and read it for a refresher course. You should know how to safely remove any ammunition from the firearm, which includes the magazine and any bullets in the chamber. You should also know how to open and close the action of the firearm.

  6. Always store ammunition separate from firearms. A locked location is highly recommended. Additionally, only use the type of ammunition recommended by the gun manufacturer.

  7. Everyone in your home, including children, should understand the safety guidelines for firearms. Remind children that if they find a firearm in a friend’s home or their home, they are never to touch it. They need to tell an adult immediately.

  8. Purchase a locking device that makes firearms useless. A gunlock is an excellent safety precaution but should never be a substitute for storing a gun in a secure location.

  9. Always unload, clean and store firearms in a secure location immediately from returning from a gun range or a hunting trip.

  10. Make sure everyone in your family understands firearm safety. Children should understand that guns are deadly weapons and not toys.

It is also important to take precautions when cleaning a gun. Gun cleaning is a cause of many accidental deaths. If a gun has not been shot for a prolonged period, it should be cleaned before bringing it to the range. Any dirt, moisture, grease or oil can prevent guns from operating properly.

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